St John's Church, Stratford, E15
St John's Church, Stratford, London E15

Thank you for showing an interest in visiting St John's. We welcome visits from school parties and have prepared a pack of work sheets which we hope might be of help to you.

You can download the pack by clicking on this link. They are stored in a single 'zip' file (only 42kb) and are 'rtf', or Rich Text Format, documents which should be able to be opened in any word processor. They may need to make minor adjustment to margins etc. due to differences in software and printers.

The enclosed sheets are largely aimed at primary age children but some may be suitable for use at KS3.

The sheets are intended to: -

You are welcome to print any of the sheets in this pack and to bring them with you on your visit; or to use them back in school. The sheets are designed in such a way that pupils can work on them individually, in pairs or in small groups.

If you have a particular aim in mind for your visit to our church and cannot find a suitable worksheet to use, please let us know. With advance notice we might even be able to have a sheet ready for your visit - but we can't promise! If we know what teachers want, we shall try to meet those needs. If you have any comments or suggestions about the enclosed worksheets please let us know.

We encourage children to look all around the interior of the church. They need not be discouraged from testing out the pews and standing in the pulpit! We do ask however that pupils treat the building with respect and that if there are people using the church during their visit, that a quiet atmosphere is preserved.

Thank you again for your interest. We hope you have a useful and enjoyable visit to our church.

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