St John's Church, Stratford, E15
St John's Church, Stratford, London E15

The Parish of Stratford, St. John with Christ Church.

If you have queries about church records from St John's please telephone the church office between 10am and 4pm on weekdays.

The following records are no longer held at St John's church: (Click on a header to go to the Essex Records Office main index listings)

For St John's, Broadway:
Baptisms: 1834-1939 (14 volumes)
Marriages: 1844-1960 (24 volumes)
Burials: 1835-1912, 1915, 1922
(1 volume)

For St James', St James Road:
Baptisms: 1870-1966 (12 volumes)
Marriages: 1881-1965 (7 volumes)

For Christ Church, High Street:
Baptisms: 1851-1956 (7 volumes)
Marriages: 1855-1960 (8 volumes)

For St Aidan's, Ward Road:
Baptisms: 1900-1940 (3 volumes)
Marriages: No records exist

For Holy Trinity, Oxford Road:
Baptisms: 1888-1941 (5 volumes)
Marriages: 1920-1941 (2 volumes)

For St Stephen's, Cedars Road:
No records exist, but they may be included with Holy Trinity, above.

These records are held at The Essex Records Office in Chelmsford. Go to the Essex County Council website or phone 01245 244644 for information on accessing them. A searchable index of the records held can be found at The SEAX website (St Johns reference is D/P 601, St James is D/P 596, Christ Church is D/P 598, Holy Trinity is D/P 599, St Aidan is D/P 600).

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