St John's Church, Stratford, E15
St John's Church, Stratford, London E15


Sunday 9th August 2020

(Ninth Sunday after Trinity)

10:00 † Holy Communion in Church
Theme: WHO ARE WE? God's Spirit-Filled People
(Romans 12:1-12, John 14:15-21)
Jesus gives us his Spirit to unite us and equip us. We want to use his gifts to grow in fellowship, service and mission. We value all God's gifts and encourage men, women and children to use them.

12:00 † Holy Communion in Church and Livestream on St. John's facebook
Theme: WHO ARE WE? God's Spirit-Filled People
(Romans 12:1-12, John 14:15-21)

After this Service you can go to St. John's Facebook or YouTube and see it.

18:30 † Holy Communion in Church
Theme: WHO ARE WE? God's Spirit-Filled People
(Romans 12:1-12, John 14:15-21)

Service Order & Sunday Club lesson for this week.

Our teaching for the summer is WHO ARE WE?

Our Church logo says "God's love at the Centre of Stratford". That will not change, but Coronavirus and Lockdown have raised lots of questions about lots of different things, including our Church.

This teaching series is about our Vision and Values, as God's family together. This is not all about ourselves - not an introspective inward-looking exercise; it's about knowing our values so that we can be more supportive, as a family, to one another, and more effective, as God's people, showing God's Love at the Centre of Stratford.

Click HERE for more details of the teaching each week.


Well done to everyone attending Services at St. John's. We've just shredded the Track & Trace cards from 12th July as there have been no reported infections. Let's keep it that way - but we need to avoid getting complacent.

The congregation at Church Services should now wear a mask, if possible. Social distance is now 1 metre plus (3 - 4 feet), and we need to make sure this is maintained.

We are not able to pass round a collection plate, so we have to ask people, please, to put an offering in the bucket when they arrive at Church (it's next to the hand sanitisers).

For Track and Trace purposes you must complete the card with your name and phone number at each Service you attend. Cards should be put in the box at the back of Church. Cards will be kept for 21 days.

The congregation will be asked to stay seated. Congregational singing is not permitted. Instead, a soloist will sing from the front.

Parents need to supervise their children at all times.

There will be no groups for children on 9th August, but there is a Sunday Club activity sheet.

People will need to stand for Communion and there will be bread (wafer), but not wine.

People who have any symptoms of Covid-19 should not attend Church e.g. if you have a new persistent cough, a high temperature or have a loss or change to your sense of taste or smell.

For further information please see the Sunday Services Risk Assessment.

Congratulations : To Robert & Florence Otule on the birth a baby boy early on Saturday morning. A little brother for Elyannah and Elennah. Robert is now on Paternity Leave until September.


St John's Open for Personal Prayer : Monday - Saturday 11am - 2pm. Please note that during this holiday period we will try to keep open for these hours but it might not always be possible.

Monday Prayer Walk; 7pm : Dan will take Church Council members, and anyone else who wants to join in, on a Prayer Walk around the Three Mills area on Monday 10th August from 7pm-8pm. Meet on Leggatt Road Green - E15 2RH (parking available on Bisson Road) and Dan will send people out in small, socially distanced groups. Contact Dan - - for more info or just turn up! All welcome.

Thursday - Holy Communion in Church at 12:40 :
Theme: WHO ARE WE? God's Spirit-Filled People
Romans 12:1-12, John 14:15-21.

Friday; Shell & Rob's Wedding : Shell is getting married to Rob on Friday at St. John's at 2pm. Lots of people will want to wish them well, but unfortunately only 30 people are allowed to attend the Service.

The COURSE IN CHRISTIAN STUDIES (CCS) :  is an opportunity to explore the Christian faith with others. The course runs over two years, is open to anyone over the age of 16 and is based on weekly meetings in local groups.
This year we will be running the first term entirely via ZOOM, with the hope of moving back to local face-to-face groups in January 2021 if it is safe to do so and in accordance with government guidelines.

If you are new to ZOOM, do not be discouraged, we are offering a short training session on how to use ZOOM, followed by the CCS Taster/Introductory event on 5th September starting at 10.30am.
To register your interest in either or both events and receive an easy click on link invitation, email Diane Hardy or call her on 01245 294 449, or speak to Dave.

Christchurch, Three Mills :

NEW! Christchurch Three Mills Sunday Gatherings : Every Sunday afternoon at 2:30pm (join from 2:15pm). The service will last for an hour, followed by half an hour community coffee and chat. You can join via computer, smartphone or telephone call. Details from Dan or on the Christchurch Three Mills Facebook / Instagram. Message / email Dan if you would like more details or flyers sent to you.

Rev. Dan Scott
Community Vicar 
Christchurch Three Mills
facebook: @christchurchthreemills
Instagram: @christchurchthreemills

St John's On The Web
You can also find St John's on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram & Twitter Please follow, like, join & subscribe.

Christchurch Three Mills On The Web
You can find Christchurch on thier website, Facebook & Instagram Please follow, like, join & subscribe.


Please pray during the week :

  • for Shell & Rob as they prepare for their wedding at St John's on Friday, and for their future life together.
  • for Christchurch, Three Mills, and the new Sunday Gatherings on zoom. Pray for Dan & Ellie and family, and also for the team of people sent out from St. John's to church plant. Pray also for the building work on Dan & Ellie's new home in Riverside Road E15 that work will start soon and there will be no further delays.
  • for young people getting exam results over the next few weeks, for guidance and for future plans.
  • for all who are sick.
  • for all who mourn the loss of loved ones.
  • for God's protection on our Church members and Church building.
  • for safety in the public places of East London, especially during the Summer holiday period.
  • for members of St John's Church family travelling in this holiday period.
  • for the easing of Lockdown restrictions, that people will act in a safe and responsible way.
  • St John's Church family members from Hong Kong ask for particular prayer for the difficult situation in Hong Kong at the present time.

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