St John's Church, Stratford, E15
St John's Church, Stratford, London E15


Sunday 22nd November 2020

(Sunday before Advent)

Theme: Prayer on the Ground
(Joshua 6:1-11, Matthew 9:35-38,
1 Thessalonians 5:17)
Prayer Walking is partly about claiming the ground for Jesus, but much more about being on the spot to see with Jesus' eyes and hear what he is saying to us. Why not make your daily walk a prayer walk?

12:00 † Holy Communion Livestream on St. John's facebook
After this Service you can go to St. John's Facebook or YouTube and watch it.

19:00 YPF Zoom (join from 18:55).
This is for St John's young people in school years 10 and over. There will be silly games, discussion on a Bible passage and prayer. Zoom joining details are sent out in an email on Saturday, from the Church Office to parents of St John's YPF members.
Service Order and Sunday Club lesson for this week.

Covid-19 Lockdown : The Government has directed that all Church Services should be suspended until Wednesday 2nd December. Churches can still open for personal prayer.

Archbishops' Call to Prayer : The Archbishops of Canterbury and York have asked us to make the November lockdown a time of prayer, and to specifically pray wherever we are at 6pm each day. Dave will retweet messages from the Archbishops with specific prayer requests on St John's twitter.


St John's Open for Personal Prayer : Every day Monday - Saturday from 10am - 2pm.

Night Prayer via Zoom : Topic: St John's Church - End of month night prayer gathering
Time: 27 November 2020 10:00pm to 12:30am
Dave will email the joining details during the week to Church members who have given permission for this. Other people who want to join should contact the Church Office for details.

Message from Dave :

Hi Everyone,

Hope you are all staying safe and joining in the Sunday Livestream Services. Can I also encourage you to join in the Prayers for our Nation at 6pm every evening. There is a format for prayer on the St John's website. Please pray, also, that Churches will be able to re-open on 6th December.

I need some help:

Our CAROLS BY CANDLELIGHT SERVICE is always very popular - 350 people on Sunday 22 December, 6:30pm, last year.

This year we are limited to 100 people, and I am not sure whether to do 2 services on 20 December, or maybe do a Saturday night and a Sunday night......

Without making any firm commitments, please could you let me know your preferred time for a Carol Service. If there is enough enthusiasm, I am happy to do 2 services. To get the best out of candlelight, the services would need to be after dark..... (there will also be a morning Communion service, with Carols and Kids' Nativity Procession, on 20 December).

Please send an email to me at with your preference:
Option 1
*** I would like a Carols by Candlelight Service on Sunday 20 December at 6:30pm
Option 2
*** I would like a Carols by Candlelight Service on Sunday 20 December at 4:30pm
Option 3
*** I would like a Carols by Candlelight Service on Saturday 19 December at 7pm

I promise to count all the votes and not challenge the result......

Looking forward to your replies.

Every Blessing,


STRATFORD CHURCHES FOODBANK : was established to help people who are struggling to feed themselves or their family. They provide basic food parcels to help with short-term needs. If you need help from the Foodbank in these difficult times, please contact Dave for a referral.

The Foodbank is experiencing increased demand at present. If you are in a position to be able to donate some shopping to the Foodbank please email Dave for further details. They need specific items, and need them delivered at particular times, so do contact Dave before doing anything.

Link to the UK Blessing : This song has been an inspiration to many people.

Amazing Grace International Version : This reminds us that we are God's worldwide people! If you have not seen it follow this link:

Christchurch, Three Mills :
Dan has a programme of online activities. Contact him for further details.

Rev. Dan Scott
Community Vicar 
Christchurch Three Mills

Have we got your up-to-date contact details? If we don't have your up-to-date contact details, please email us at

Free Book to explain what's happening with Coronavirus to Children : The Chelmsford Diocesan Education Department has sent out information about this FREE book called "Coronavirus - a book for children". It could be helpful for parents to explain what's happening to their children.

dove clipart

Please pray during the week :

  • for people affected by the Covid-19 virus.
  • for all who are sick with the Covid-19 virus.
  • for all working in the NHS and the Care sector, that they may stay safe at work.
  • for all who mourn the loss of loved ones.
  • for all who are lonely and scared at this time.
  • for other people who are sick.
  • for God's protection on our Church members and Church building.
  • that churches will be able to open for Sunday services again on 6th December.
  • for Dave and Robert as they lead St. John's, and for the other Ministers.
  • for Dan & Ellie and family, and for the new Church at Three Mills. Pray also for building work on Dan & Ellie's new home that there will be no delays.
  • for the Stratford Churches Foodbank.
  • for safety in the public places of East London.
  • for St John's Christmas arrangements this year.
  • for organisations we support - Caritas Anchor House providing accommodation and support for homeless people in Newham.
  • for the persecuted church - Release International, a religious freedom charity, has named Nigeria, China and India as countries of concern due to the increasing persecution against Christians.
  • We pray with Church members for the people affected by the rocket attack on residential areas in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan.

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Christchurch Three Mills On The Web
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Get Safe Online: To find out how to stay safe online go to

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