St John's Church, Stratford, London E15

2ndMon New Year Bank Holiday
3rdTues New Year Bank Holiday
3rdTues Monthly Prayer Meeting (7:45pm)
6thFri St John's Women's Group (7:30pm)
8thSun Epiphany
9thMon PCC Meeting (8pm)
18thWed Week of Prayer for Christian Unity begins
23rdMon MGC Meeting (8pm)
28thSat Prayer Walk (10am)

1stFri St. John's Women's Group (7:30pm)
6thWed Prayer Walk (10am to 12noon)
5thTues Shrove Tuesday
6thWed Ash Wednesday Services (12:40pm & 8pm)
11thMon PCC at (8pm)
20thWed Prayer Walk (10am to 12noon)
22ndFri YPF 14th Birthday
25thMon Fairtrade Fortnight Starts
29thFri Olympic Prayer Walk

1stSat St David's Day
2ndSun Mothering Sunday
7thFri Women's World Day of Prayer
7thFri St. John's Women's Group (7:30pm)
10thMon PCC at (8pm)
12thWed Prayer Walk (10am to 12noon)
15thSat St. John's Quiz Night (7:30pm)
16thSun Palm Sunday
17thMon St Patrick's Day
20thThu Maundy Thursday
Services (12:40pm & 8pm)
21stFri Good Friday Service (12noon to 3pm)
Bank Holiday
23rdSun Easter Sunday
24thMon Easter Monday Bank Holiday
30thSun Clocks go forward one hour

2ndWed Prayer Walk (10am to 12noon)
4thFri St. John's Women's Group (7:30pm)
6thSun Olympic Torch arrives in Stratford
13thSun St. John's AGM (1pm)
23rdWed St George's Day
27thSun Sunday Club 18th Birthday (11am)
28thMon Parish Annual Meeting at St. John's (8pm)
30thWed  Prayer Walk (10am to 12noon)

1stThu Ascension Day Service at (12:40pm)
2ndFri St. John's Women's Group (7:30pm)
5thMon May Day Bank Holiday
7thWed Lunchtime Concert (1pm)
  Geoffrey Hobbs (Organ)
9thFri Prayer Walk (5pm to 6pm)
9thto 11th Pentecost weekend of special events
12thMon PCC at (8pm)
14thWed Lunchtime Concert (1pm)
  Cyril Baker (Organ)
18thSun Trinity Sunday
21stWed Lunchtime Concert (1pm)
  Audrey Page (Soprano)
26thMon Spring Bank Holiday
28thWed  Prayer Walk (10am to 12noon)
28thWed Lunchtime Concert (1pm)
  Richard Aubrey (Baritone)

4thWed Lunchtime Concert (1pm)
  Frances Aubrey (Soprano)
6thFri St. John's Women's Group (7:30pm)
9thMon PCC at (8pm)
11thWed Prayer Walk (10am to 12noon)
11thWed Lunchtime Concert (1pm)
  Eva Karell (Soprano)
15thSun Father's Day
18thWed Lunchtime Concert (1pm)
  Mike Moore (Organ)
20thFri St. John's Extension is 10 years old
25thWed Lunchtime Concert (1pm)
  Frank White Saxophone Quartet
25thWed Prayer Walk (6pm to 7:30pm)
28thSat Jump For Justice

2ndWed Lunchtime Concert (1pm)
  Meera Raja (Cello & Piano)
4thFri St. John's Women's Group (7:30pm)
6thSun Friends' Service & Lunch (11am)
9thWed  Prayer Walk (10am to 12noon)
9thWed Lunchtime Concert (1pm)
  Andy Losq (Organ)
16thWed Lunchtime Concert (1pm)
  Jane Gamble (Organ)
21stMon PCC at (8pm)
23rdWed Lunchtime Concert (1pm)
  Suzanne Higgins (Contralto)
27thSun Open-air Service(11am) (weather permitting)
27thSun YPF Venture at Barnstaple, Devon
30thWed Lunchtime Concert (1pm)
  Geoffrey Hobbs (Organ)

1stFri St. John's Women's Group (7:30pm)
3rdSun Open-air Services(11am) (weather permitting)
10thSun Open-air Services(11am) (weather permitting)
13thWed Prayer Walk (10am to 12noon)
17thSun Open-air Services(11am) (weather permitting)
24thSun Open-air Services(11am) (weather permitting)
24thSun Olympic Handover from Beijing to London
  street-party lunch
25thMon Late Summer Bank Holiday
31stSun Open-air Services(11am) (weather permitting)

3rdWed Lunchtime Concert (1pm)
  Gail Ford (Oboe)
5thFri St. John's Women's Group (7:30pm)
7thSun Ark, Sunday Club & YPF term restarts
8thMon PCC at (8pm)
10thWed Prayer Walk (10am to 12noon)
10thWed Lunchtime Concert (1pm)
  Rosie Coad (Soprano)
17thWed Lunchtime Concert (1pm)
  Frances Aubrey (Soprano)
20thSat East London Clarinet Choir (7:30pm)
  British and Russian Works For Clarinet
24thWed Lunchtime Concert (1pm)
  Mike Moore (Organ)
27thSat East London Clarinet Choir (10:15am to 5:15pm)
  Clarinet Choir Play Day
28thSun Harvest

3rdFri St. John's Women's Group (7:30pm)
13thMon PCC at (8pm)
15thWed Prayer Walk (10am to 12noon)
25thSat One World Event (7pm)
26thSun Clocks go back one hour

7thFri St. John's Women's Group (7:30pm)
8thSat Prayer Around the Clock TBC
9thSun Remembrance Sunday Service (10:45am)
10thMon PCC at (8pm)
12thWed Prayer Walk (10am to 12noon)
16thSun Confirmation Service at (6:30pm)
30thSun Advent Sunday + The Ark 15th Birthday
30thSun St Andrew's Day

6thSat Talent Concert (7pm)
16thTues Lunchtime Carol Service (1:10pm)
21stSun St. John's Carol Service (6:30pm)
24thWed Midnight Communion (11pm)
25thThu Christmas Day Communion (11am) Bank Holiday
26thFri Boxing Day Bank Holiday
27thSat St John The Evangelist Day
31stWed Watchnight Service (11pm)

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