St John's Church, Stratford, E15
St John's Church, Stratford, London E15

The following information on this page is taken from a 2008 church display, summarising progress so far and plans for the future.

.Did You Know:

..The church has an Environmental Policy and an Environmental Officer.

.An environmental audit of the church has been completed and there is an action plan to make St John's more environmentally friendly.

..There are recycling bins around the church for recycling plastic bottles and paper.

.St John's recycle all plastic cups using the Recycle A Cup Scheme.

..Most of the extension has low energy light bulbs fitted, with new one's fitted recently in the office, the St Stephen's room and the Brand room.

.The extension has floor and cavity wall insulation.

..The church heating systems allow different areas to be heated independently, saving energy.

.Print cartridges are recycled.

..Large print jobs are printed double sided using the copy printer, which uses a soya based ink.

.Our water supply is metered.

..There are environmentally themed Bible study resources available at the church.

.St John's is a Fairtrade church - we use and sell Fairtrade products.

.Our supplier of paper towels, toilet rolls, refuse sacks and cups is ISO accredited for environmental management systems.

.Our white paper towels and toilet rolls are sourced from Metsa, and carry the Nordik Swan Label - a guaranteed eco-label.



.A church energy audit and investigation into use of green energy.

.Low energy lighting in the church.

..Environmentally friendly cleaning materials.

.Reduced use of bottled water.

.Organic, Fairtrade communion wine.

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